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Editorial in the Wake of D-Day

With all of the attention given of late to the 60th anniversary of June 6, 1944 "D-Day", some might wonder about discussion at the time in the Pentecostal Holiness Advocates. The following editorial by G.H. Montgomery appeared in the Pentecostal Holiness Advocate 28:7 (June 15, 1944), p. 2, under the title "The Pope Hath Spoken":

On June 2, Pope Pius XII, of the Roman Catholic Church, made a speech about the war. The Pope had much to say about the war’s being prolonged by a demand for total victory over the criminal aggressors of Europe and Asia. That, of course, is theoretic, and the Pope probably isn’t the first one to think about such a possibility.

What concerned us most was what the Pope had to say about the bombing of Rome and what he called “separatist churches.” Among other things, he said, “that whoever would dare lift a hand against Rome would be guilty of matricide before the present world and in front of the eternal judgment of God.”

To which we reply, “Poppycock!” While we have no desire to see Rome bombed, any more than we desire to see any city bombed and human lives needlessly destroyed. Rome is no better than any other city, and she has certainly spawned more religious despots, saint-killers, false prophets, blind guides and spiritual harlots than any other city on the face of the earth. “In front of the eternal judgment of God” Rome will get what is coming to her one day. Personally, we are willing to await that day; but if one Protestant Christian dies in the battle for Italy as a result of a military leader waiting one hour longer to attack Rome than he would hesitate to attack the humblest Christian church, somebody will be guilty of that boy’s blood.

As for the Pope’s attitude toward the victory to come, there isn’t a doubt that he is an opportunist, ready to hug the leader who brings home the spoils; but on the other hand, there is but small question as to his real sympathies being with Hitler and his gang. If you are shocked to hear that, just recall that the Pope heads the Church that excommunicated Martin Luther and yet holds on to Mussolini as a dear son; and that is the same church that burned John Huss at the stake and yet holds Adolph Hitler to its bosom as a member in good standing.

If you think Catholicism has changed since the good old days of burning martyrs, ask any good Catholic. He will tell you that the church of Rome never changes—because she is always right. If you still have doubts, look at the effort of the Catholics to run Protestant missionaries out of South America within the last twelve months. If you are still not convinced, hear the words of the Pope as of June 2, 1944: “Hopes for a future peace would be better based, and more realistic if there were not so many religious movements which have departed from the Christian church and created separatist churches.”

It is the same old Thyatira with the same old spirit of political and military conquest; and in all probably her sword will be red with the blood of the martyrs of Christ just as soon as she can wrap a few more politicians around her fingers, here and there. Any way, Rome is not our mother. The New Jerusalem is; and the bombing of Rome would not be matricide to us.