Lima 94
Leeds 95
Nigeria 96
Costa Rica 96
Quito 2001
Seoul 2002
USA 2003
Brazil 2006
Baar 2007

WCC Consultations with Pentecostals


Consultation with Pentecostal Churches. Lima, Peru. 14 to 19 November 1994. World Council of Churches

Report of the Proceedings of the Consultation between the World Council of Churches (Office of Church and Ecumenical Relations at the General Secretariat) and African and African-Caribbean Church Leaders in Britain at the New Testament Church of God, Harehills, Leeds, England. 30 November - 2 December 1995.

Consultation with African Instituted Churches. Ogere, Nigeria. 9-14 January 1996. World Council of Churches.

Consultation with Pentecostals in the Americans.