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WCC Consultations with Pentecostals


Consultation with Pentecostal Churches. Lima, Peru. 14 to 19 November 1994. World Council of Churches

Report of the Proceedings of the Consultation between the World Council of Churches (Office of Church and Ecumenical Relations at the General Secretariat) and African and African-Caribbean Church Leaders in Britain at the New Testament Church of God, Harehills, Leeds, England. 30 November - 2 December 1995.

Consultation with African Instituted Churches. Ogere, Nigeria. 9-14 January 1996. World Council of Churches.

Consultation with Pentecostals in the Americans. San Jose, Costa Rica. 4-8 June 1996. World Council of Churches. This report is available for use in Microsoft Reader. One must first install the freely distributed Microsoft Reader then download the 1996 report on Costa Rica. The excellent navigation system of Ms Reader can be learned with ease. Microsoft Reader works on PCs, laptops, and Pocket CE devices. Major religious publishers have adopted this as their standard for e-books. See Christianity Today (2/19/01)  "Ten Books, Twenty-Two Ounces" by Cindy Crosby. Mac users are encouraged to use virtual pc.

Also available online: press releases from Lima, Nigeria and Costa Rica; a note on the 1997 WCC Consultation with Pentecostals at Bossey; two personal reports on the presence of  pentecostals at the WCC General Assembly in Harare; note on the first session of the Joint Consultative Group.

Members of the WCC-Pentecostal Joint Consultative Group gathered August 27 - Sept 1, 2001 for their second meeting which was hosted by the Seminario Sudamericano, a seminary of the Church of God (Cleveland, TN), outside Quito, Ecuador. The theme chosen for the week was Perceptions of One Another. The report is available here. "Visions of Christian Unity" is a press release on the November, 2002 meeting of the WCC-Pentecostal Joint Consultative Group. Here is a press release on the May 16-23, 2003 meeting of the WCC - Pentecostal Joint Consultative Group at Lee University.

Here is a press release on the December 4-8, 2002 WCC Consultation on Faith, Healing and Mission hosted by the Church of Pentecost at Accra, Ghana. Documents from a consultation in Hamburg which launched this project were printed in a special double issue on Health, Faith and Healing in the International Review of Mission January/April 2001. The October, 2002 issue of the International Review of Mission titled "Toward the Fullness of Life" contains documents from a consultation in London, in which there was dialogue between Pentecostals and members of the ecumenical mission network - Community of Churches in Mission Cevaa, Council for World Mission, and United Evangelical Mission.

May, 2005: Pentecostals participate in expanded WCC World Mission Conference in Athens, Greece. One of the keynote speakers for the event was Dr. Wonsuk Ma. Both Pentecostals and "historic" churches have much to learn from each other about their different views and traditions on this theme, Ma said. "As a 'new kid on the block,' Pentecostals have much to learn from the historic churches with their rich histories and traditions. At the same time, the rise of a new movement, particularly of the renewal type such as this, itself serves as God's reminder to his people of his missionary mandate to the world." Here is a joint statement from Pentecostals who attended the conference.

Go here for a report from the first round of the WCC - Pentecostal JCG presented to the 9th WCC General Assembly which was held in Brazil.

The next round of the World Council of Churches - Pentecostal Joint Consultative Group started October 3-9, 2007 at Baar, Switzerland. A press release is now available. The JCG was held November 2008 in Helsinki, Finland.


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