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Introduction to IPHC Archives & Research Center

P.O. Box 12609
Oklahoma City, OK 73157

Dr. Harold D. Hunter, Director
Ms. Erica Rutland
, Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Sondra Slater Hunter, Previously Managing Editor of Legacy and now Coordinator of Special Events


Here is a one minute look inside the IPHC Archives & Research Center that uses the freely distributed RealPlayer 8.0 or later.

*If driving to the center, use an Expedia map by clicking on our address below or  using webs like Mapquest and Yahoo! Maps to locate us. Those using Priceline or Expedia for travel arrangements should consult this newsgroup. As of September 2007, there is now a Holiday Inn Express within walking distance of the IPHC Archives & Research Center.

7300 NW 39th Expy, Bethany, OK, 73008



The IPHC Archives and Research Center will first and foremost focus on the distinctive
contribution by the IPHC community globally.  An ongoing effort is underway to expand
the holdings to incorporate related material from the Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements.  
Users of the IPHC Archives are permitted access to a multimedia computer and scanner.  
Highlights of the collection include:
Live Coals of Fire
Live Coals
Holiness Advocate
Bridgeroom's Messenger
Apostolic Evangel
Pentecostal Holiness Advocate
The Pentecostal Holiness Pulpit
The Crusader
Youth's Leader
Falcon Orphan Evangel
Hong Kong Harbor Lights
Helping Hand
Pentecostal Holiness Church Disciplines (circa 1911)
Fire-Baptized Holiness Church Disciplines (circa 1910)
International Pentecostal Holiness Church Disciplines
Pentecostal Holiness Yearbooks -- 1929-1972
Books by IPHC authors
audio tapes, videotapes, and reel-to-reel film
General Conference Minutes
Conference Minutes
Conference publications
General Executive Board Minutes
General Board of Administration Minutes
Planning and Budgetary Committee
General Board of Education
General Board of Superannuation
General Benevolent Homes Board
Falcon Children's Home Board
General Sunday School Board
Board minutes and additional papers from the following national departments:
     General Superintendent's Office
     Evangelism USA
     World Missions
     General Secretary
     General Treasurer
     Christian Education Ministries
     Women's Ministries
     Stewardship Ministries
     People to People
     World Intercessors Network
Special Collections:
     J.H. King
     G.F. Taylor
     A.B. Butler
Personal collections from:
     W. Eddie Morris
     Smith Haley
     W.F. Turner
     Lois Henson
     A.M. Long

IPHC Archives and Research Center publication Legacy
North American Renewal Service Committee
Pentecostal Charismatic Churches of North America
Society for Pentecostal Studies  
Help us locate:
pentecostal periodicals            books
photographs (with data)            manuscripts
audio and video tapes              documents
local and regional histories       diaries
church histories                   Scrapbooks
correspondence                     Artifacts  


Responsible to the General Conference and the General Board of Administration,
it is important that the IPHC Archives and Research Center is rooted in
every IPHC conference worldwide.  
From the General Conference comes the appointment of a Director of
the Archives and Research Center at the IPHC Resource and Development Center.  
Then, working in harmony with the IPHC Archives and Research Center, each IPHC Conference
Superintendent and his/her Board appoints a Conference Archivist whose duties are
described in our published manual.    
The Conference Board and the Conference Archivist will encourage and assist local
churches within each conference to appoint local church historians.  
In this way our entire Church benefits from the histories and records being
acquisitioned and they will more accurately be kept and preserved.  
On a regular schedule, both the Conferences and Local Churches will transfer the
Archival materials to IPHC Archives and Research Center in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  


1. Legal Responsibilities of the Researcher:  
     The researcher is responsible for complying with the laws of copyright, libel,
privacy, and literary property rights involved in copying, quoting, or otherwise
using materials in the IPHC Archive Collections. Be aware that certain     
unpublished manuscripts may have restrictions placed on their use as a matter of
common law copyright.  
2. Special restrictions by the IPHC Archive Collections or donor of a collection:  
     a. Certain documents and collections may have restrictions placed on their
use by the IPHC Archives when there is a threat to the preservation of the
materials. Such collection might be closed until encapsulated or 
microfilmed. They may also be determined to be too fragile for photocopying. The
Archives may also close a collection until it has been processed into the
Finding Aids.  
     b. Certain documents and collections may have copyright or other
restrictions imposed by the donor or depositor of a collection. These
restrictions may vary greatly. A researcher can obtain information about such
restrictions from the IPHC Archives director.  
3. Confidentiality of certain official church records:  
     The unpublished minutes, correspondence, studies, manuscripts, audio
recordings and other records produced by the official agencies and offices of the
Pentecostal Holiness Church may have a schedule of restrictions placed on their
access. No collection or document will be classified as closed or confidential
without the assignment of a date or method for which these restrictions may be
     a . All office files are considered restricted for a period not less that fifteen
years from the date of origin. Access may be granted by obtaining the written
permission from the office whose files are in question.  
     b. The papers of an individual general superintendent may be closed until the
general superintendent's death and until the Archives has processed the papers
into its Finding Aids.  
     c. Certain files, file series, or record groups may be closed due to the
confidentiality of the record. Examples of these would include the records and
minutes of the GBA and the minutes of the GEB. If a researcher desires      
access to these materials, the researcher must make the request in writing to the
respective church bodies through the general superintendent.
4. Privacy restrictions:  
     a. Due to the Privacy Act of 1974, any and all personnel files, medical
forms, employment applications or other privileged information granted to the
International Pentecostal Holiness Church by any individual person will be closed          
until that person's death. When the person's death cannot be verified, the
Archives will regard a period of seventy five years as sufficient time for the
restriction of such information.  
     b. No researcher is permitted to use the resources of the IPHC Archives to
compile or update any mailing list or directory without first obtaining the
written permission of the general superintendent of the International Pentecostal Holiness    
5. Special restrictions regarding use:  
     Access to materials in the IPHC Archive Collections does not necessarily
constitute permission to publish, quote, or otherwise cite such material in the
classroom., in publication or in any other form.  
     a. Such use of any published or unpublished materials in the IPHC Archives
is restricted when the well being of friends and members of the International Pentecostal
Holiness Church who are located in potentially hostile political          
environments might be jeopardized.  The Archives can provide current information regarding such         
restrictions to the researcher.  
     b. Should the researcher encounter any unpublished material in the IPHC
Archives having regard to any private, personal, or ethical misconduct, then
the researcher shall not be permitted to use this material without first obtaining 
         the written permission of the general superintendent of the International Pentecostal
Holiness Church. If the researcher encounters such materials, it must be
understood that any personally identifying information is to be kept in
the strictest confidence.  
          When considering application for the use of such material, the general
superintendent will consider the credentials of the researcher, the nature of the
project, the relationship of such material to the project and any other factors  
which may be deemed applicable. A written understanding will be