Rare Documents
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The documents below are some of the items most needed for the IPHC Archives and Research Center. If you know individuals in your local church, conference, city or state who might help us locate originals, please notify us immediately.

Way of Faith 1906-1909
Live Coals of Fire 1899-1900
Live Coals
Apostolic Evangel 1907-1929
Holiness Advocate 1900-1908
Altamont Witness 1911-1918
Bridegroom's Messenger 1907-1909
Pentecostal Holiness Advocate 1921-1922

Frequent Questions

Q: "What happens to the documents and pictures I donate if you find you have the same thing?"

A: We seek to have at least three copies of all important documents and pictures. For now, we lack several documents and have few duplicates of important papers.

Q: "If I contribute some of my family's materials and you find that you do not need them, what happens to my contribution?"

A: When the entire collection is computerized, we will be able to answer most queries rather quickly. If our needs are exceeded, we have an arrangement with the Church of God (Cleveland) and Assemblies of God (Springfield) to share materials. This gives our materials more exposure as well as additional protection. In exchange, we will receive documents of interest to us. The policy was activated starting in March 1999. The IPHC Archives and Research Center will never throw away materials that cannot be used or exchanged. Rather, we will contact the donor and return items on request.