Centennial Ideas
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Centennial Celebrations: Emphasis on Local Churches


Request assistance from IPHC Archives & Research Center and conference archivists

Showcase historical vignettes of prominent IPHC figures

Choir sing century-old hymns in clothes from the period

Run a series entitled Centennial Moments in local newspapers

Notify the local newspaper that your local church in participating in the denominational centennial celebration

Purchase centennial videos from RDC

Engage sister churches; seek reconciliation and offer affirmation where needed

Present a multimedia history of IPHC, your conference, your local church

Set up a display in church

    Highlight: major events, founder, pastors, members, missionaries, evangelists, educators, etc.

    Use documents and artifacts

Establish an archives in the local church

Devote a month to IPHC history:

    Utilize 1998 General Conference videos which emphasized four themes: Publish, Benevolence, Missions, Education

Make video history of church

Start making oral interviews; audio tape and/or videotape

Compose local church history

Assemble roll call of local heroes and heroines

Locate rare documents

    Place in archives - local or national depending on documents

Feature senior members in a service

Have a panel discuss questions like:

    Why did God raise up:

        The Pentecostal Movement?

        The Azusa St. Revival?

        The IPHC?

Re-enact major historic events ... Dunn Revival, Azusa St. Revival, 1911 Merger ...

Youth group take a field trip to IPHC historic site(s)

Use information available on these web pages

    Highlight an IPHC timeline entry once a month

Visit the IPHC Archives and Research Center in Oklahoma City

Dr. C.R. Connor reports (1/98) that he has asked for histories of all the local churches in the Appalachian Conference.  He is also seeking pictures of old buildings and the current buildings.

Rev. Albert Maggard announced (2/98) that Rev. Gary Burd asked him to do a historical presentation about the Great Plains Conference during the camp-meeting this year. Positive reports were received about this effort.


If you have ideas to add to this page, please send them to Ms. Erica Rutland.